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Who we are, what we do, why and how it's done

Woodstock Data is defining the market in Clinical Study Logistics (CSL). Our mission is to develop unique CSL solutions that give clinical study sponsors and managers significant new efficiencies by increasing both the timeliness and fidelity of their data and by reducing their times-to-market.

Who we are
Woodstock Data was founded by in the early ‘naughts by senior sales, engineering, marketing and communications executives from IBM/Lotus and otherNew England companies with deep experience in data security. Woodstock Data is has strategic development agreementswith leading research and professional organizations: e.g. McLean Hospital in Belmont, USA.

What we do
Woodstock Data is a software development organization specializing in solutions for the digitally minded organizations sponsoring or managing clinical studies that want to improve subject enrollment processes. Our customers are clinical researchers at teaching hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations (CRO).

Our study enrollment solutions allow for redoubling (and greater) of efficiencies in assessing and processing study candidate enrollment applications. Woodstock Data’s Study Enroller (SEN) places critical subject data in the hands of study managers, eliminating paper chores and initializing study data in the most potent and malleable digital formats – for the life of the study, thus engendering other new efficiencies as research progresses.

Why and how it's done
The healthcare industry continues to be dogged with mountains of paperwork, yet the end point for this data is inevitably computer databases and storage media. By reducing the paperwork by orders-of-magnitude, and in some cases removing the need for paper altogether, Woodstock Data not only streamlines processes such as trial protocols and diagnostic data collection, but also by virtue of direct data input reduces the likelihood of transcription errors - by far the most common limiting factor in the collation of patient and subject data.

Additionally, for the first time clinicians are able to interrogate data in real-time: researchers can set up limits and alerts where alarms can be sent, not only by email but also by SMS, phone call or pager. Woodstock Data's solutions are based on existing, tried & tested, standards-based software and hardware. Based on broad experience with IBM's Fortune 500 customers, Woodstock Data has created a component-based architecture that allows for extremely rapid application development, resulting in secure, robust, 'snap-together', network-based applications.